JBoss.org Project Statistics

The JBoss.org Team is pleased to release JBoss.org Statistics, available at stats.jboss.org. We provide JIRA and Subversion statistics for projects hosted at JBoss.org.

JBoss.org Statistics are powered by Kosmos, created by Aron Gombas. They run on JBoss Portal.

They come with a couple of interesting charts, which let you easily find out the most active commiters of the JBoss AS project:

or how new projects (like Envers) grow in size:

Now, looking at the following chart, guess when the Seam Freamework releases occurred:

Well, 1.0 beta1 was out in September 2005, beta2 in February 2006, 1.0 GA in June. And so on 🙂 Here is the full list.

On the “Most Active Files” diagrams I quickly discovered that usually the most frequently changed files are… Maven files 🙂

JBoss Microcontainer - Most Active Files

Needless to say, you will find more at stats.jboss.org.