High-altitude Projects

Altitude sickness has taught me two important insights about speed and trends, which can be applied to software development projects (and probably many other areas as well). Altitude sickness After trekking above approximately 3,000 meters one has to take care not to climb too fast. The general rule is not to ascend more than 300 […]

Why Write a Blog?

The goal of this post is convince myself to start writing. Argh, wrong. To evaluate whether this is something I want to do 😉 So, why have a blog? I could think of a couple of reasons: Get recognition to get a better job Well, not for me since I am not interested in leaving […]

My Talk @ GeeCON 2012

Tomorrow I am giving a talk “Visibility Shift In Distributed Teams” on GeeCON conference in Poznań. Presentation abstract Slides If you are one of the geeks attending this great Java conference, join me in Room 8 at 11:30 to learn how working remotely looks like and what happens when an agile team gets distributed. See […]

Devoxx 2011 Quotes

A bunch of highlights from Devoxx this year that I would like to present here cannot be opened in any other way than this one: “Don’t go to the conferences”      – Martijn Verburg aka Diabolical Developer The best way to improve your skills is through endless practice. For a programmer, working on code should be the […]