Devoxx 2011 Quotes

A bunch of highlights from Devoxx this year that I would like to present here cannot be opened in any other way than this one:

“Don’t go to the conferences”
      – Martijn Verburg aka Diabolical Developer

The best way to improve your skills is through endless practice. For a programmer, working on code should be the main way to get better in his craft. So, make sure you learn at work, not only at conferences.

“Stop sleeping, start awaiting!” – Johan Haleby

Awaitility library demonstrated by Johan solves one problem with writing tests for asynchronous components and does it in a very elegant way. An example of friendly DSL that allows you to wait for an operation or condition instead of using Thread.sleep() looks like this:

await().atMost(5, SECONDS).until(costumerStatusIsUpdated());

“Have you ever bought bottled water?” – Brian LeRoux

The shortest answer ever for a question on how making money from open-source is possible.

“Think in flows, not features” – Joe Nuxoll on UI design

Cannot agree more. Even though this means taking much harder route than just designing screens, it is worth it.

“We need to start at early stage” – Trisha Gee on women in IT

I am not sure about the exact wording – what counts here is that increasing number of women in IT is not about changing hiring policies at companies (there simply not a lot female programmers around now). Good question to ask is why majority of school age girls do not even consider Computer Science as their possible career path (image issue?). More on Trisha’s blog



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