Poking the Comfort Zone @ TEDxWarsaw 2013

I have never been on a TEDx conference before. At TEDxWarsaw 2013 I have realized what is special about this kind of events – you do not attend them, you experience them.

That is why it is pretty hard to describe TEDxWarsaw 2013 highlights. I will try to list my own, though.


I got thrilled by Jonathan MacDonald on inclination for understanding everything, which in the end makes us unhappy due to the amount of knowledge to gain rising exponentially.

Jonathan assured myself that it is sometimes OK to say stop to my mind pleading for more details and just experience the thing, even without predictability.

Zofia Borkowska asked a fantastic question after encouraging the audience to sing “Brother John” together – What was that refrained you from singing aloud? What was the thought that came to you after opening the mouth but before starting singing…?

Not being a religious person I got very positively surprised by Małgorzata Chmielewska (standing ovation!). For me, her presentation was not only about “Patching up reality”, but about the power of doing rather than planning.

Aga Szóstek, apart from showing an amazing example of user-centered design, taught me the importance of iterating the prototypes.

Mikela Eskenazi got me scared with a vision of everything mobile and online, but fortunatelly only until afterparty when we exchanged our thoughts 🙂

Cezary Wójcik on Poland – a must see for everyone in here as soon as the talks are online. I loved both the drawing on how we block ourselves from growing and the story about the camels.

Kristin Pedemonti – I cannot describe her phenomenom in words. HUG!



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