ALE 2013: Brain Dump After Mind Blown

Agile Lean EuropeHey, Agile Lean Europe 2013 Unconference was fabulous.

I have learned about a number of absolutely amazing things there. Here is just a couple of them:

Real Options – on distinguishing options from commitments and enabling options with more trust.

During the workshop I also experienced how Check In Core Protocol works and I really liked it.

Thank you Steve Holyer and Michael Leber!

#NoEstimates – Focus on what matters instead of useless estimates. Great to hear that there is now science and community behind that.

Thanks Vasco Duarte!

Agile Pricing – Consider models like Pay Per Feature, cause neither Fixed Price nor Time&Materials are good billing approaches (e.g. T&M does not encourage productivity).

Thanks Kurt Häusler!

I got a number of insights on making code reviews fun, which I hope to use while working on Codebrag:

I really liked the experience report from Barry O’Reilly and Kate Logan, especially the way they replaced User Stories with Hypotheses:

2013-08-30 10.35.23

Finally, a photo from Keynote by Jurgen Appelo with a slide on why learning works best with experiments:

Photo by Sebastian Nachtigall

Oh, and a comic book to read this autumn is “Commitment” (on Real Options).

I do have more insights, but I would not finish this post at all if I carry on 😉

Many thanks to ALE 2013 organisers for making this awesome event happen!



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