Seam Exam (beta) @ JavaBlackBelt

Together with Matthias Merz we created Seam – Basic Exam at JavaBlackBelt. It verifies general understanding of the Seam 2.0 concepts, required to implement a simple Seam application. The exam is now in the beta stage, which means it is available publicly and you can take the (beta) exam, which does not count for your […] Project Statistics

The Team is pleased to release Statistics, available at We provide JIRA and Subversion statistics for projects hosted at Statistics are powered by Kosmos, created by Aron Gombas. They run on JBoss Portal. They come with a couple of interesting charts, which let you easily find out the most active […]

Guicy Seam

Introducing @Guice annotation You may already have heard about Seam being a “deep integration framework” and Google Guice providing lightweight dependency injection. The news is that you can now easily use Seam together with Guice. The WebBeans specification is built upon concepts from both of those frameworks. Since Seam provides Spring support in the IoC […]