Staying On Track – Video From AgileByExample 2014

There’s no point in driving faster in the wrong direction.


That’s why staying focused on what really matters during the whole the software development process is crucial. Which means  killing features that no one is going to use, shortening discussions and brining them back on track, and helping teams with difficult decisions (“Should we refactor this piece?”, “Should we allow deleting users?”, “What to work on next?” ) – I must admit I really enjoy this process 🙂

I gave a talk on this topic during the last AgileByExample 2014 conference. Here you’ll find the video:

and the presentation slides:


Two Highly Recommended TEDxWarsaw 2013 Talks

One in English

What We Don’t Know: Jonathan MacDonald

And one in Polish

Reforma dla Polski: Cezary Wójcik

Both of them changed my way of thinking (and a perspective from which I think:)) about myself and the world around. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.