Why Write a Blog?

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The goal of this post is convince myself to start writing. Argh, wrong. To evaluate whether this is something I want to do 😉

So, why have a blog? I could think of a couple of reasons:

Get recognition to get a better job
Well, not for me since I am not interested in leaving my company.

Sounds good, but I somehow associate such a motivation with learning technical stuff and my current focus is more at soft skills. Still worth considering, though.

Fun & enjoyment
Oh, I love writing. I have recently rediscovered how much I like it, while doing copywriting for new SoftwareMill’s website (sssshhh…).

OmmWriter, which I am using at this very moment to transcribe my thoughts to words, makes the whole act a unique experience.

Change the world
or, at least, part of it. I am not sure whether I want to do that 😉 However, there are things I do not like around me, including the world of IT. With my experience I could inspire change in someone else and this is rewarding.

Get recognition – once again
For other reasons, like spreading the word about my company in a cost effective and enjoyable (see above) way. That sounds good.

Building self-awareness, getting my mind around various useful subjects
I would say this is more or less the same as self-learning, but labeled that way somehow looks more appealing to me. I may also learn something new (or discover I am completely wrong) from the responses.

OK, fair enough. Fun, self-awareness and recognition works for me, probably in this order 🙂 I am not promising you anything, but I believe now I have convinced myself, writing will be easier.

How about you? Why do you (not) write a blog?



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