Goodbye SoftwareMill. Time For New Challenges

Five years ago, together with my friends Tomek Szymański, Adam Warski and Jan Zborowski, I founded SoftwareMill.

SoftwareMill is a unique company – 26 awesome team members, all of them working remotely, flat structure with no managers and full financial transparency. I’m really proud of it.

That made the decision to leave an extremely hard one, but I feel it’s now time for me to look for new challenges. I have decided to leave SoftwareMill for two main reasons:

1) More face-to-face interactions

Over the last years my focus has moved from programming to organisation and leading and coaching people. In short – more talking to people, less talking to computers 🙂 I really enjoy it, but it’s much harder to do remotely, which is why I want to go outside my home office.

I’ve been really enjoying  working remotely for a long time. It has a number of benefits and I’d love to keep them. But since I’ve discovered how much joy face to face conversations bring to my life I want to have more of them.

2) New challenges for my personal development

SoftwareMill is doing great. There are, of course, things to improve here and there, but staying there would be staying in my comfort zone. 

To say I’ve learned a lot at SoftwareMill is an understatement. I’ve learned something from everyone who I worked with. I’d like to say a huge thank you for all the time we spent together, all the conversations and ideas we had. You guys are AWESOME. I am keeping my fingers crossed for your efforts in making SoftwareMill the best place to work for IT workers.

What’s next?

I am taking a short break for a while, but I am open to proposals for collaboration – short or long-term.

My passion is helping teams and individuals to discover and focus on what really matters for them. I enjoy working with teams and on the business side of IT. And in all of this, I aim to make myself dispensable by encouraging self-organisation. 

I have experience and a lot of passion to work in two areas of software development:

1) Building effective, self-organising, motivated teams

either as an Agile coach, trainer, facilitator

or as a servant leader a.k.a. Scrum Master

2) Bridging the gap between business and IT (and users)

as a Product Owner, Product Manager, User Experience specialist or all of them at once 🙂

So… if you think we could do something awesome together or just want to talk, ping me via e-mail, Skype (, LinkedIn or Twitter.


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